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Referrals to Community Based Supportive Housing


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Community Wellness Center is a state licensed outpatient mental health center, psychiatric rehabilitation program and behavioral health home program that provides services and support to individuals and families throughout Maryland.  Also, to help combat homelessness, participants in need receive sustainable long term housing opportunities through referral to  affiliate community based housing programs.  Either in person, over telehealth, or anywhere in the community, we can bring clients access to mental health counseling, psychiatry, substance use disorder treatment, community support, entitlements case management, treatment for chronic somatic issues, and so much more!  We do not have a waiting list, and services are typically available the same day.  Schedule an appointment by choosing one of the red buttons above and see how we can help you. 

Our mission is to provide high quality comprehensive healthcare & supportive services.

Our vision is to reduce chronic homelessness and other disparities experienced by low-income Marylanders by ensuring needed services are accessible, quality and results driven regardless of disability or socio-economic status.

Promoting Total Wellness

Are you homeless and in need of housing?  We can HELP

Homelessness can be a barrier to your mental health treatment and overall wellness. 


Based on a program participant's need, Community Wellness Center will make an immediate housing referral to a vetted, community based, long-term supportive housing provider with the goal of stabilization.

The referral is made and housing placement is secured at the time a client requests help.  Every effort is made to make a bed available to clients immediately in hopes of alleviate

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