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proven solution to stablize mental health and reduce chronic homelessness experienced by Maryland's most vulnerable is to first meet the basic needs every person deserves; food, a place to call home, access to quality healthcare & support.




"When I came to HolBrock Estates Community Wellness Center, I was a suicidal heroine addict.  The staff treated me with dignity and respect; as if I was someone worth knowing.  They even paid for my first addictions treatment with an outside provider out of their own pocket.  I've been clean for 5 years since I've been here.  This program has changed my life and saved it.



"I had too much on my plate.  Community Wellness Center helped me with my recovery."

We strive to help program participants acheive their fullest potential which becomes clearer with consistent treatment, support and stability.

Founded in 2013, Community Wellness Center has aided over 2,500 of the most vulnerable through its 3 programs and 17 affiliate support agencies in Prince Georges County and Baltimore City Maryland.


To provide high quality comprehensive healthcare & supportive services.


We aim to reduce chronic homelessness and other disparities experienced by low-income Marylanders by ensuring needed services are accessible, quality and results driven regardless of disability or socio-economic status.

Mission & Vision

Our Story

Through the privelage of providing supporive housing services to low-income individuals and families, members of our executive leadership came to the realization that individuals who experienced chronic homelessness also often coped with severe and persistent mental illness.  In fact, mental illness was the main underlying contributor to most of our clients' disparities. 


In 2013, a mental health group practice and freestanding general clinic was formed to service persons housed in affiliate assisted living facilities.  Three years later, the practice devloped into an outpatient mental health clinic and psychiatric rehabilitation program.  It relocated to Highlandtown at that time.  The medical primary care services recently moved to a larger more suitable facility in Downtown Baltimore.  The mental health programs were awarded accreditation with the Joint Commission 2017 and CARF in 2018.  Later that year, the psychiatric rehabilitation program received approval to provide health home services and a community outreach office was opened to make services accessible to residents of Anne Arundel County.


Helping to Meet the Basic Needs

It has been our experience that any number of factors could contribute to an episode of homelessness.  However, the majority of the chronically homeless individuals we have encountered experience homelessness as a result of persistent mental illness which cripples the ability to function physically; therefore disabling the individual from maintaining gainful employment.  For example, mental illness as seemingly minor as depression when not treated could manifest symptoms which causes a person to withdraw or be so tired and distracted that said person can't manage their own finances, make sound decisions or prepare a simple meal for themselves safely.  Our focus is to provide services to chronically homeless and disabled adults with the goal of stabilization.  

Through our various programs, we first provide our program participants with assistance in meeting the basic needs of survival:

  • healthy food (Two Fish Five Loaves Healthy Food Initiative & Meal Services), 

  • stable housing in a protective therapeutic environment (HolBrock Estates Assisted Living & Supportive Housing),

  • ​access to medical care and mental health treatment (Community Wellness Center Mental Health & Freestanding General Clinic)

  • clothing (through our affiliation with the GoodWill item voucher program)

  • advocacy for entitlements (HolBrock Estates Assisted Advocacy Group in affiliation with Maximus), 

  • access to medical care and mental health treatment (Community Wellness Center Mental Health & Freestanding General Clinic)

  • clothing (through our affiliation with the Good Will item voucher program)

Program participants enjoying a meal they learned to prepare during life skills class taught by PRP direct support worker

BEFORE - East Baltimore community invested in a dilapidated boarded up house

Rehabilitating Blighted Communities

We seek neighborhoods blighted with crime and poverty to establish and operate our programs.  Not only do we have the vision of changing for the better the lives of direct program participants, but we have been able to effect positive change within the communities our programs are established.  Our neighbors benefit from our clinical and emergency food services as well as case management, job readiness and low-income housing referral services. 


To date, all of our programs have been operated in distressed homes, vacant or historical properties.  After acquiring a vacant or distressed property through rental or purchase, we conduct the necessary construction to make it a safe and comfortable home for our residents which also raises the value and morale of the Community.


The need to service the needy is great; and we require more space.  Help us make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

AFTER - The organization converted this house into a home for needy individuals who were unable to maintain housing independently as a result of severe and persistent mental illness

Promoting Independence and Reciprocation

Our programs are designed to promote independence and freedom of choice.  Some participants use the help they receive from CWC as a stepping stone to embark upon the next chapter of their lives while others choose to remain and grow with us.  Either is acceptable so long as the individual demonstrates a need and continued eligibility is established.


As participants are stabilized, they are encouraged to pursue their life's goals and dreams whether it be obtaining a GED, going to college, running their own business, getting a job (if able), living independently or helping others.  CWC also aids participants in preparation for these ventures.


Recent program participants can be seen in the Community feeding the homeless, mentoring young people, volunteering their time and engaging in activities that better their lives and the lives of others.  It's easy for them to do these things because their basic needs are met.

Participants who successfully graduated from the program who established a Uhaul partnership that contributes to direct care expenses of other needy individuals

Staff training on how to become a Certified Medication Technician

Volunteers distributing food to the needy from the Emergency Food Pantry

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